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Web Design Made Simple. That’s our philosophy…we don’t over complicate your web development with  jargon or over-baked concepts. Clean, elegant design is married to supreme usability to provide you with not only an online presence, but a destination.   » Web Design

Content Marketing Long Island NY

Content Marketing

We’ve been providing content marketing to our clients, before it was even called content marketing. With our complete multimedia skill set, we can create rewarding and memorable online assets to educate your target audience with quality informational content that answers their most pressing pre-sale questions. Instead of just telling your potential customers about your goods and services, well-executed content marketing demonstrates your expertise, which in turn develops trust even before you make your sales pitch.   » Content Marketing

Video Production Long Island, New York

Audio & Video Production

Original music production, audio logos, sound design, audio post production, mixing and sonic branding training video, recruiting video, product showcase, business overview or a comprehensive Industrial… Media-Star has an affordable A/V production solution for all your needs!   » Audio Services

Graphic Design

We provide our clients with custom branding, logo development, letterheads, business cards and other graphical marketing collateral to make your company stand out in the crowd.   » Graphic Design

Latest Project:

Media-Star recently completed a search engine optimized microsite for Femilift Long Island NY, a quick, safe, and highly effective in-office procedure for vaginal pain, vaginal atrophy, dryness, recurrent vaginal infections, and urinary stress incontinence. The project consisted of a single page “scroller” – enhanced and amplified for delivery on mobile phones.

  • Delivered On Time 100%
  • Delivered On Budget 100%
  • Responsive Design For Mobile 100%
  • Search Engine Optimized 100%
Sony Music Studios Online Logo Design
FutureFilmmaking Logo Design
Great Neck NY Obstetrics and Gynecology Logo Design
Avon Intranet Logo Design
Seltzer Logo Design
Dynamic Sun Logo Design
Ableton Live Television Logo Design
Tim McEneney Law Logo Design

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Media-Star’s approach to website design is different from most other developers. We don’t consider a website to be static entity, but a flowing marketing mechanism that constantly drives your business forward. This propulsion is not something that happens haphazardly, or at random, it is specifically calculated from the start to promote your goods or services using our phased approach…

Media-Star’s multimedia solutions provide effective marketing and branding for our clients.

Websites, Music Composition, Logos and Graphical Branding, Audio Logos, Training Videos, Product Showcase Videos…

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