shark tank cast
If you’ve watched a few episodes of Shark Tank, you’ll notice a common theme among the sharks, they often put their money behind people and not necessarily the business concept. This attitude is most apparent with Marc Cuban, who has often stated, and I’m paraphrasing, “I don’t think this is a good business, but I want to work with you.”

 mark cuban on shark tank
Many of us think that it’s all about the business idea, and sure it has to make sense and meet a market need, but the reality is that it’s more about the people running the show. Coming from the film industry where creatives keep their story ideas close to their chests, it was very difficult to simply give away my ideas. But now that I’m immersed in content marketing, that’s exactly what I’m doing — and then some. In fact, I’ve been giving away every idea I have to anyone who asks, whether it be a free consultation with a client or via social media. Need some ideas on how to expand your business or make it more profitable? I’m happy to talk.


Why Give Away All My Ideas?

Because I realized that 99.99% of putting these ideas into action is execution.
Now there are dozens of inspirational posters hanging in offices around the world that tout execution, but it’s never more apparent in the realm of content marketing. Consistent execution over the long-term is what makes content marketing work. A single video isn’t going to get it done. You have to establish your expertise in the market and continual output of quality content is what makes you an authority.

Now if you’re a small or mid-size business, creating excellent content on a consistent basis is a daunting task. It takes a considerable amount of effort to make a great video look effortless, but for anyone who’s ever tried, it’s not that easy is it? Sure you can go out and make a video yourself with your iPhone, but unless you’re the crew behind Tangerine, it’s going to look like you shot a business video with your iPhone. And is that “I just don’t care” attitude really the impression you want to give your prospective customers?

For content marketing, where a great piece of content delivers qualified prospective customers to your front door for the lifespan if its relevancy, put your money behind individuals who can provide a true return on investment and expand your business well beyond your traditional marketing endeavors.