Psychologically, humans find new and different things compelling, whether it be people, visuals, sounds, experiences, and/or emotions. Thus, it’s important that your content be distinctive and unique. While you may feel it necessary to write about things individuals may be familiar with or already be connected to, the reality is that your potential customers are looking for something new, both consciously and subconsciously.


The second facet is empathy. Your next customer will connect with you, as the salesman, or your brand through their innate ability to read other people’s emotions, relate to how someone else is feeling, share in another’s struggle, or in other words, see the world through your eyes. Understanding this aspect of human nature can guide you to create memorable content that will touch your audience in a deep and meaningful manner.

Motivation is the third part of the equation. Why are you writing this content? If you don’t know why you’re writing, then neither will readers and they will abandon ship. You have to understand your reader’s desires and fulfill them. This could be by answering their most pressing questions, demonstrating how something is done or providing rewarding and valuable information.