Media-Star specializes in expressing genuine emotion in our Photography that tells a story. Your story. Whether that narrative communicates a marketing message, a moment of truth, or a specific feeling, Media-Star captures unforgettable images that leave a lasting impression.

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Portraits

Media-Star can create the perfect lifestyle portrait that reflects the real you. Our fun-filled, relaxed and imaginative sessions put you in your element, engaging in your favorite activities to allow your essence to radiate. For modern companies, a lifestyle portrait of your executives can provide a more in-depth and authentic reflection of your company’s leadership.

Corporate Headshots

Media-Star’s headshot photography is a far cry from the stoic and melancholy imagery of the 100 year-old conglomerate. Clean, crisp and detailed photos are brought to life by the subject’s personality and charisma.

Social Media Portrait

A cross between a headshot and a lifestyle portrait, our Social Media photography will make your profile stand out without looking being “over-baked.” Media-Star’s social media photography is perfect for your online presence and great for LinkedIn profiles when you want to convey a more honest and meaningful visual appearance.
Media-Star Content Marketing Product Photography

Product Photography

Need great product shots for your content marketing? Photography that makes an impact and gets shared? Media-Star’s time-tested approach to product photography is designed for today’s devices and delivery platforms and is often the difference between Blah and Buy!
All of our product photography is done in our state-of-the-art studio. Simply ship us your products and within a week, you’ll have gorgeous, inviting shots that drive sales.
Since all of our work is done in-house, you won’t be paying additional fees or referral commissions to third-parties. We have great rates from a single picture to hundreds. Contact us now to start your project today!