Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Media-Star has been providing content marketing to our clients, before it was even called content marketing. With our ability to create practically any multimedia asset in-house, we can develop rewarding and memorable content to educate your target audience about your products.

Providing your audience with enriching experiences that increases their intelligence is what content marketing is all about. Potential customers who are not familiar with your company and its products and services and are not actively searching for them by name have almost no chance of interfacing with your website. Media-Star will work with you to create quality informational content that answers your potential customer’s most pressing, pre-sale questions by connecting with them on an entertaining, educational and emotional level.

Whether you’re looking to increase your B2C or B2B sales, having potential customers engage with your content in an educational context develops trust, authority and loyalty. Instead of just telling your potential customers about your goods and services, well-executed content marketing demonstrates your expertise via valuable storytelling, even before you make your first sales pitch.

Where Do Your Customers Start Their Buyer’s Journey?
  • Google 72%
  • Personal Networks 15%
  • Yahoo! 5%
  • LinkedIn 3%
  • Bing 3%
  • Social Networks 2%
For many business owners, content marketing may seem completely foreign, since it flies in the face of conventional advertising wisdom. For much of our lifespans, businesses have been promoting their offerings through mass media and traditional channels, hoping to catch the attention of a potential customer.
With search dominating the online product research paradigm, “billboarding” your company message will rarely provide you with a satisfactory return on your marketing investment. Think about how you find a product or service you need.
Do you go to the Yellow Pages? No.
Do you skim a Local Magazines or Newspapers looking for a particular advertisement? No.
You research it!
Many companies now have a website that promotes their business. And they’ve purchased some AdWords on Google to place advertisements next to specific keyword searches in their locale. And they’ve done some search engine optimization to get their website to rank organically. But they’re still not generating the revenue they were was hoping for…

Why not?

Because things have changed. Today’s audience is sophisticated, market-educated, savvy, and harder to reach. Marry that to a market saturated with competing products, and it’s no wonder that more small to medium-sized companies are struggling to promote themselves successfully year after year. So how do I get my business to cut through all the distractions and obtain the trust of potential customers?
You have to understand your customer’s Buyer’s Journey and provide » quality content « every step of the way to answer their questions.

How Do I Do That?

Solve their problems! Ask yourself: what are the top ten questions you hear from customers? Several will pop into your mind immediately. And we’re sure if you poll your employees, you’ll receive another dozen.
Now answer those questions with well-produced content you create and put online at each point of their decision making process. It can be an article — a dramatic story — it can be a flow chart — it can be a video — a podcast — a microsite — an infographic and much more!

But who’s got time for that?! I’m running a business here!

Well, that’s where we come in. We’ll handle your content marketing from A to Z. From market research to complete asset delivery. Yes, we can determine what exactly is working and what isn’t. The best part? Unlike a monthly magazine or a weekly newspaper ad, your content lasts for as long as it’s relevant. Delivering customers to you again and again and again.



According to Adweek, 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making a purchase


In the research stage, 72% of buyers will utilize Google

Content Marketing Buyer's Journey


Truth is…we’ve been creating award-winning content marketing initiatives for years. (Even before it was called Content Marketing.)

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What Is Content Marketing

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a systematic and defined strategy based on creating and distributing valuable multimedia assets online to attract, educate, charm and engage qualified customers and propel them into a profitable purchase of goods and/or services.

Do you understand your buyer's journey?

Do You Understand Your Buyer's Journey?

Do you really know how a potential customer becomes a real customer? Once you understand the trajectory of the majority of your customers, you can utilize these insights to develop a profitable content marketing strategy. Furthermore, you can leverage this clarity and intelligence, to deliver the precise information a prospective customer needs to go from potential to actual buyer.

Social Media - Say Something People Care About

Do You Know Your Buyer's Persona?

A buyer persona is an optimized characterization of your typical customer based on customer interaction, market research, customer demographics, buyer behavior patterns, trigger points, and other detailed representations.

Editorial Calendar

Do You Have An Editorial Calendar?

To win at content marketing, it is essential to develop and adhere to a content marketing editorial calendar, which outlines all facets of your marketing strategy going forward. Your editorial calendar is used to maintain a list of content ideas, set deadlines, and remind contributors or third parties when assets should be delivered.

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