Video Production

Media-Star created a content marketing video for Ecler, a music technology company based in Spain. The video showcases their groundbreaking EVO5 mixer and was utilized by FutureMusic magazine for their product review.
Media-Star specializes in producing broadcast-quality sales, training videos and content marketing videos. Each well-crafted production delivers your brand message to a specific target audience based on clearly-defined marketing goals. Our competitive advantage is our ability to position each video production in the grand scope of your overall content marketing strategy.
Employing a comprehensive needs analysis, Media-Star develops a deep comprehension of your complete business model, as well as empathy for the buyer’s journey. Sophisticated companies utilize our services to showcase new products, train employees, solicit new business and demonstrate their services. Our customized video products are often used by companies to save money on their training and education costs, as well as generate profits with dynamic promotional DVDs.
From location shoots to sound editing to music composition, there is hardly a area of video production that we can’t handle. Some of the many services we offer include production crews, original music scoring, script writing, voice over talent, color correction and sound editorial/mix. Each filmmaker in our extensive crew is an expert in their field and works closely with all members of our team to deliver a final product made to shine. No production is too big or too small:

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