Web Design

Media-Star’s approach to website design is different from most other developers. We don’t consider a website to be static entity, but a flowing marketing mechanism that constantly drives your business forward. This propulsion is not something that happens haphazardly, or at random, it is specifically calculated from the start to promote your goods or services using our phased approach.

Media-Star evaluates your complete business vertical to determine how exactly a website should perform to enhance your sales, streamline your workflow and provide excellent customer service. Then we determine how to precisely meet these objectives in a phased approach that meets your budget, and won’t overwhelm your ability to conduct normal operations.

The phased appoarch also allows you to map the growth of your business. In today’s rapidly changing business climate, it is not enough to merely debut a new product or service, and then take a wait and see posture. You have to have a complete roadmap as to where you want your online business to be at specific milestones. Working with Media-Star, you will plot your company’s course for success not just now, but long into the future.

Although aesthetic design is important to us, information design is paramount. If the graphic design provides speed bumps during the short time your pitching your company to the prospective online customer, then your web strategy has been defeated. We strongly feel that any type of flashy elements that are not specifically selling only provide barriers to your prospective customers. Not only do these elements slow down your site’s performance, and sometimes prohibit effective search engine optimization, but they distract your customer from getting to the information they desire or buying your products.

We’re often told by our clients that they’re surprised our web development strategy places multimedia well behind information architecture — especially since we tout ourselves as a multimedia company. However, we subscribe to the “don’t make the visitor think” tactic. Your visitor should not have to think about how to use your website. How many times have you gone to a website and you’re confused on what to click on? Your website’s mission is to sell, not to provide a puzzle. That said, multimedia that effectively showcases your services, or lets your visitors interact with your products, can be one of the most satisfying online experiences imaginable.

Media-Star has over 18 years of web development, multimedia and marketing experience. Every endeavor, no matter how small or large, receives the full breadth of our extensive experience to guarantee that your project is a complete success. Our phased approach ensures that your website is delivered on time and on budget. You will never get an invoice with any unexpected charges or fees.

All websites developed by Media-Star are responsive, modern approach tailored for delivering websites on any platform: web, tablet, smartphone, and the next big thing, wearable Internet devices (Google Glass), to provide an optimal viewing experience. Since tablet and smartphone viewership in increasing daily, shouldn’t your website be maximized for these platforms?

Media-Star can advance your responsive, database-driven website with the quickest turnaround in the web development business. We create sites with the ability for the user to simply update their own content without requiring any knowledge of programming. Marry that to our industry-leading, organic SEO and social media integration, and you’ll have an online presence built to amplify current, cutting-edge technologies, with an eye to the future.

Once your website has been developed and deployed, our job is not over. We will then work with you every step of the way to adroitly promote and market your site to the world with both grass roots and traditional campaigns. Media-Star will cater to all your website needs from design and development, to search engine optimization and hosting. To learn more about how we can help make your business more profitable with a decisive and savvy web initiative, please contact us today!

Ben Shear Website Development Long Island NY

Ben Shear Golf

Ben Shear, a noted golf strength and fitness trainer to several PGA professionals, as well as a renowned biomechanics expert, hired Media-Star to create a dynamic website to meet the needs of his ever-changing, cutting-edge methods for obtaining success at the highest levels.

» Ben Shear Golf

Paul Kolker Website Development Long Island NY

Paul Kolker

New York contemporary artist, Paul Kolker, looked to Media-Star to create a strong, artist presence to showcase his dynamic pointillism artwork online.

» Paul Kolker

Special Needs Soccer Website Development Long Island NY

Special Needs Soccer

Media-Star created an online presence for the Special Needs Soccer organization to showcase their altruistic mission and present their free curriculum to the special needs community.

» Special Needs Soccer

Nolis Arkoulakis MD Website Development Long Island NY

Nolis Arkoulakis MD

Media-Star created an online presence for Dr. Nolis Arkoulakis, a prominent plastic surgeon from Edison, New Jersey, to showcase and promote his successful practice.

» Plastic Surgery NJ

Website Development Long Island NY

Logic Music

Media-Star designed a website for Logic Music, a recording studio located in New York. The client wanted to a more sophisticated approach to showcase their top artists, so we created a more minimal approach with intuitive navigation and an enticing Slider.

» Logic Music

Femilift Website Development Long Island NY


Media-Star created a search-optimized microsite for a prominent gynecologist on Long Island, NY to support the Femilift laser vaginal treatment she had in her practice. The microsite not only educates women about vaginal dryness and other women’s health issues, but it also organically drives qualified leads to her main site.

» Vaginal Dryness

Website Development Long Island NY

Port Washington Soccer

Port Washington Special Needs Soccer is an example of a Media-Star turnkey multimedia branding solution. We designed all branding collateral, the website and produced all the organization’s videos. In addition, we designed all the advertisements, promotions and posters.

» Port Washington Soccer

Dynamic sun Website Development Long Island NY

Dynamic Sun

Dynamic Sun, a record pressing plant in New Jersey, needed to establish an online presence that harkened back to their glory days, while addressing the resurgence in vinyl. Media-Star developed a website that incorporated imagery from their vintage pressing plant, but with a sophisticated color palette, a new Sun logo and a modern navigation system.

» Dynamic Sun

FutureMusic Website


FutureMusic is one of our own flagship content properties. Launched in 2001, FutureMusic has grown to become one of the most respected sources of news and reviews for electronic musicians with a world-wide audience of a half-million visitors per month.

» FutureMusic

FutureFilmmaking Website


FutureFilmmaking, our newest content property, officially debuted at SXSW 2015 with a prestigious and memorable launch event. Modeled after FutureMusic, FutureFilmmaking provides reviews and a unique insight into the world of entry-level filmmaking.

» FutureFilmmaking

Legacy Websites

Sony Music Studios Website Development Long Island NY

Sony Music Studios

Sony Music Studios was a pioneering music, mastering and television studio in New York City. Known internationally from their Sessions At 54th Street and MTV Unplugged television series, the famed facility also housed some of NYC’s best recording studios and sound stages. Unfortunately, Sony closed the location in 2007 when it became no longer financially viable. When it was newly opened, our CCO designed their website to showcase the various competencies of their facility.

» Sony Music Studios

Athletic Edge Lacrosse Website Development Long Island NY

Athletic Edge Lacrosse

Athletic Edge Lacrosse was a trail blazing athletic initiative that dispelled the conventional wisdom of lacrosse shooting with an innovative new approach that resonates to this day. The modern and high-tech ecommerce website featured the company’s videos and books.

» Athletic Edge Lacrosse

IBM Intranet Design Long Island NY


Our CCO designed the IBM Building Success Intranet in 1999. The Intranet was for IBM employees who were seeking ways to enhance their careers at the esteemed technology company. The Intranet featured the first online face morphing graphics, an innovative rollover navigation system, and one-click information design.

» IBM Intranet

TVT Records Website Design Long Island NY

TVT Records

Our CCO designed the TVT Records website in 2001. This website featured several groundbreaking features, including a “one-click” navigation that enabled visitors to reach every band, album, song, tour date, and news item with one click. In addition, it featured the first on-demand music video jukebox, the first legal downloadable songs and the fastest load times of any multimedia website.

» TVT Records