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Media-Star has been delivering successful multimedia solutions
for metropolitan New York area businesses for over 10 years.

Media-Star Long Island NY Website Development

Website Design


We subscribe to the “don’t make the visitor think” philosophy of web development. Your visitor should not have to spend one moment contemplating on how to use your website. Your website’s mission is to sell, not to provide a puzzle. With this in mind, we can provide multimedia that effectively showcases your services, or lets your visitors interact with your products in new memorable way, with an intuitive structure.


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Long Island NY Content Marketing

Content Marketing


Media-Star has been providing content marketing to our clients, “before it was even called” content marketing. With our ability to create any multimedia asset in-house, we can develop rewarding and memorable online assets to educate your target audience about your company.


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Long Island NY Content Marketing Video Production

Video Production


Media-Star specializes in producing broadcast-quality sales, training videos and content marketing videos. Each well-crafted production delivers your brand message to your target audience based on clearly defined marketing goals. Our competitive advantage is our ability to position each video production in the grand scope of your overall multimedia marketing strategy.


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Long Island NY Audio & Podcast Production

Audio Production


In today’s world of multimedia marketing, it’s imperative to stand out in the crowded landscape. Media-Star can develop a comprehensive audio branding strategy for your concern, and create all the sonic assets needed to make your company come to life.


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